surgeon testimonials

"The Refine System provides breast upper fullness support. Almost every mastopexy and reduction patient is a candidate. It also compliments fat grafting to provide a more youthful result without breast implants and it gives the ability to achieve greater symmetry in reconstruction patients. I am really pleased with the over 2 years of long term results and so are my patients."

- Bruce W. Van Natta, MD
  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon | Indiana

"In addition to my cosmetic practice, I have utilized Refine in my reconstruction patients. Refine is a tool to create symmetry and upper pole fullness, especially in the more challenging unilateral cases"

- Allen Gabriel, MD
  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon | Washington

"All the cases achieved good upper pole fullness... the patients are so pleased with the upper pole fullness result. I have a 2 year follow-up with good results. We are excited. The device is excellent."

- Tammy Fiabema, MD
  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon | Norway